The Heartbeat 

Claudio and his colleagues write about how God has influenced, impacted, and transformed their leadership. Their wisdom and reflections will hopefully inspire more African leaders to move out of their comfort zone and share their experiences as learners and leaders.  In many circumstances, these inspiring leaders face obstacles and challenges with faith, perseveranceand determination. 

Learn with and from the voices of inspiring African leaders. These leaders get at the Heartbeat of Leadership

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Perseverance and Grit: A Relentless Pursuit for Success

"Perseverance is the real test of leadership ability. It is one thing to set a goal or an objective for a group of people; it is quite another to persevere toward it and inspire others so that they are motivated to follow us." (Cyril J. Barber in Nehemiah An Expositional Commentary, 1991). If I had to narrow the choices down to one specific leadership quality that my Kurumbuka colleagues consistently activate it would be perseverance. Determination and grit describe their relentless pursuit of achieving transformation for their organizations and communities. I began to understand their...

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Biryoha Bisangiwe! It Is Sweeter When Shared

Phocas Ngendahayo writes today's guest post on Leadership is Heart. Phocas currently serves as the Rwanda Country Director for Kurumbuka Leadership Solutions, which was created in response to a felt need, to walk alongside a new generation of leaders as they fulfill God-given visions to transform their families, institutions, communities, and nations. Seven years ago, Phocas and I met in the Land of a Thousand Hills, where I began my service with the Wellspring Foundation for Education in Rwanda. Phocas was operations director for Wellspring, and from...

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Theo, an Inspirational Leadership Voice

An influential voice is my friend and colleague from the Wellspring Foundation for Education Theo. Theo is the Senior Program Manager in Kigali, Rwanda. He leads, manages and oversees the School Development Program that Wellspring has successfully implemented in the Gasabo District. His primary responsibilities are to lead a team of qualified and experienced teacher trainers and community involvement trainers to assist school leaders, teachers, and parents rally together in creating a healthy learning environment for Rwandan children. I have seen Theo in action purposely and...

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It has been a joy and inspiration to walk with Claudio from the very first days of his Rwandan journey, and to witness how an opportunity to use his professional expertise quickly became the catalyst for deep personal transformation. It took great courage for Claudio to take this leap of faith, during a season of life so often associated with a slower and more comfortable pace, and his obedience to God’s call has made an immeasurable and lasting difference in many lives. I am so grateful for vulnerability and clarity with which Claudio not only shares his personal story in this book, but also translates his own learning into practical applications for leaders. Whatever your context, stage of life, or experience, this book will challenge you never to settle for anything less than what God has for you, and will encourage you with what is possible when you say yes to the adventure ahead.

Louise Reilly

Director of Public Engagement, The Wellspring Foundation for Education