The Heartbeat 

Claudio and his colleagues write about how God has influenced, impacted, and transformed their leadership. Their wisdom and reflections will hopefully inspire more African leaders to move out of their comfort zone and share their experiences as learners and leaders.  In many circumstances, these inspiring leaders face obstacles and challenges with faith, perseveranceand determination. 

Learn with and from the voices of inspiring African leaders. These leaders get at the Heartbeat of Leadership

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Kurumbuka Leadership Solutions Is Transforming African Leadership

For the past two years I have been privileged to be supporting a growing network of leaders transforming African Leadership. I have seen the network grow from a small influential group of leaders in Rwanda, to one that is now flourishing in Burundi, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Kurumbuka Leadership Solutions, birthed out of the excellent work of the Wellspring Foundation for Education, uses a Christ-centred approach to develop, connect and equip emerging and executive leaders who have the passion and vision to transform their institutions, organizations, and communities...

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Inspiring Leadership Abroad

So thankful that I reconnected with my friend Mike Henry Senior founder of Follower of One, a ministry devoted to following and living life like Jesus, especially in the market place. Mike and I forged a friendship a few years ago when Mike was leading and facilitating the Lead Change Group. Lead Change brought thought leaders together from all over the world to share leadership principles, practices, strategies and actions through articles and books. Mike has been influential in my leadership journey as he has with so many other leaders.  A few weeks ago I met with Mike to catch up on our...

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I Am Going To Continue Until I See It Happen Or I Die

Sometimes you encounter a photo, a quote or a song that touches your heart and inspires you. The words of a courageous leader bravely transforming the lives of Burundi's youth are ingrained in my heart. Freddy's vision will be remembered when I feel powerless to overcome obstacles. Freddy is the founder and leader of a large, growing organization in Burundi. Burundi is a landlocked country bordered by Tanzania, The Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. It is a beautiful country that has experienced a succession of civil wars. As founder of Burundi Youth for Christ, Freddy has committed...

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It has been a joy and inspiration to walk with Claudio from the very first days of his Rwandan journey, and to witness how an opportunity to use his professional expertise quickly became the catalyst for deep personal transformation. It took great courage for Claudio to take this leap of faith, during a season of life so often associated with a slower and more comfortable pace, and his obedience to God’s call has made an immeasurable and lasting difference in many lives. I am so grateful for vulnerability and clarity with which Claudio not only shares his personal story in this book, but also translates his own learning into practical applications for leaders. Whatever your context, stage of life, or experience, this book will challenge you never to settle for anything less than what God has for you, and will encourage you with what is possible when you say yes to the adventure ahead.

Louise Reilly

Director of Public Engagement, The Wellspring Foundation for Education