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For over seven years Claudio Morelli has been serving as a leadership consultant, mentor, and presenter in Central and East Africa. As the Technical Consultant for the Wellspring Foundation for Education, Claudio has been working with the school leadership team, school staff, and Board of the Wellspring Academy in Kigali Rwanda. As that role continues, Claudio also serves as Board Chairperson and facilitator for Kurumbuka Leadership Solutions, a new leadership program birthed out of the work of the Wellspring Foundation for Education. Claudio travels to Africa teaching,  learning, and leading side-by-side with inspiring leaders in Rwanda, Burundi, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Uganda.

Claudio feels blessed that he can continue to fuel his passion for influencing and impacting leaders. He appreciates the opportunity that the Wellspring Foundation and Kurumbuka have provided him to serve in Africa. Claudio invites you to join him and his leadership colleagues around a communal table, sharing wisdom, reflections, and passion through their words on Leadership is Heart.

Leadership is Heart’s History

Leadership is Heart has been in existence for almost ten years now. It has gone through a number of iterations, topics, and reflections. One constant though, has been the focus on my passion for leading, mentoring, impacting and influencing individuals, organizations and communities.

What started out as a start-up blog when I was Superintendent of Schools to where the blog is today, Leadership is Heart has allowed me to share my own thoughts, reflections and learnings. 

I have been on a bit of hiatus from consistently writing on Leadership is Heart. But now, I feel renewed and I feel the need to move Leadership is Heart into a new direction. A direction that not only shares my own writing, but also the thoughts, reflections and wisdom from the leaders in Africa that I am so fortunate to engage with through my work with the Wellspring Foundation for Education and Kurumbuka Leadership Solutions.

A Renewed Purpose & Mission

Developing and Empowering African Leaders Together

Leadership is Heart will give a collaborative voice to the many African leaders who are learning and leading the transformation of hearts, minds and leadership in Africa and the world.

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Thank you so much for this opportunity to grow as a leader and to develop an abundant vision. Your training has enlarged my vision and impact that now close to 5000 people from the community are beneficiaries.

Florence Ofwono

Victorious Education Services - Uganda