Kurumbuka Leadership Solutions


Transforming Africa Through Leadership Development With a Mission to Develop and Empower 10,000 leaders by 2030.

The word Kurumbuka (Koo-room-boo-kuh) in Kinyarwanda means “to multiply.” Its original context is agricultural and refers to planting seeds and producing a harvest. We have adopted it to describe the exciting process that takes place when a local leader brings a compelling vision to reality and multiplies it by training others to do the same. It also represents the organic spread of a great idea from one African community to another.

“I want to see people transformed—it’s the reason I chose education. I want to contribute to transforming the children who will be future leaders. Kurumbuka came to support this vision, to complement my dream. It is like I had someone to help me and say: let us go together on this journey.”


Methode Harerimana

Kigali Christian Secondary School (Rwanda)

“I found a learning environment that was safe, and I felt connected with everyone despite our different experiences and cultures. The Abundant Leadership Institute encouraged me and introduced the ‘Lead Like Jesus’ model, which has helped shape my life and also the lives of those I work alongside. We have adopted and modelled this concept in our school and the community.”

Beatrice Bamurange

Founder and Head of Schools, Rise To Shine School (Rwanda)