Receiving good news. No problem. Receiving not so good news or even terrible news. Definitely more challenging to listen and act.

Most of us accept good news with a willing heart. Yet, more of us need to listen and accept the bad news.

All news whether good, bad or indifferent is able to bring about change and growth. As long as we allow it and as long as we can tease out the information and lessons from the news that is received.

Inevitably though, it is the most difficult news that may bring about a transformation of the heart.

As a leader, do not ignore or avoid the painful and challenging news and issues that are brought to your attention or that you know is forthcoming. News, that you know if you listen and take up the challenge, will be difficult and will take a significant investment in time.

Impactful leaders and leaders worth following feel compelled to listen and to dig into the challenge. When they see a need they roll up their sleeves and get their head, hands and heart fully invested.

It is right, it is just and it is your responsibility as a leader to listen, accept and act. Dig in.

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