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Claudio Morelli - Impacting & Leading Around the World

Claudio Morelli is an educational leader, consultant, and writer. For over forty years Claudio has activated his servant heart to teach, mentor, and influence individuals, school districts, organizations, and communities in Canada, China, and in Central East Africa.

In the second half of his life, Claudio believes that he has a responsibility to continue to use his God-given gifts to serve.  Following a successful career as a teacher and educational leader, Claudio retired as a Superintendent of Schools in Burnaby, British Columbia.

However, Claudio has not really retired. He is a passionate student of leadership who loves to lead and loves leadership. He continues to pursue his purpose and mission, and his experiences have impacted and influenced his transformation as a servant leader, educator, and writer.

By highlighting and sharing his leadership experiences through his popular blog Leadership is Heart, Claudio was eventually encouraged and inspired to write his first book Learning and Leading In the Land of a Thousand Hills: An Unexpected Mission of Transformation and Joy.


Claudio’s current aim is to make Leadership is Heart a place where his leadership colleagues in Africa can share their wisdom and reflections as well as his own. He wants to make Leadership is Heart a forum for collaboration, discussion, and inspiration.

Claudio lives in Vancouver, BC in the beautiful country of Canada. He has been married to his wife Anne for forty-four years has three sons David, Peter and Michael, three daughter-in-laws Kathryn, Shauna and Jayne and four grandsons Levi, Hunter, Jack, and Findlay.


Kurumbuka Leadership Solutions Is Transforming African Leadership

For the past two years I have been privileged to be supporting a growing network of leaders transforming African Leadership. I have seen the network grow from a small influential group of leaders in Rwanda, to one that is now flourishing in Burundi, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Kurumbuka Leadership Solutions, birthed out of the excellent work of the Wellspring Foundation for Education, uses a Christ-centred approach to develop, connect and equip emerging and executive leaders who have the passion and vision to transform their institutions, organizations, and communities across Africa. Kurumbuka's goal is to invest in and transform ten thousand African leaders by 2030. Yes, that is an ambitious goal. But with the...

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Inspiring Leadership Abroad

So thankful that I reconnected with my friend Mike Henry Senior founder of Follower of One, a ministry devoted to following and living life like Jesus, especially in the market place. Mike and I forged a friendship a few years ago when Mike was leading and facilitating the Lead Change Group. Lead Change brought thought leaders together from all over the world to share leadership principles, practices, strategies and actions through articles and books. Mike has been influential in my leadership journey as he has with so many other leaders.  A few weeks ago I met with Mike to catch up on our my leadership journeys since we last spoke a few years ago. Mike was interested in learning more about my current passion of sharing the collaborative...

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I Am Going To Continue Until I See It Happen Or I Die

Sometimes you encounter a photo, a quote or a song that touches your heart and inspires you. The words of a courageous leader bravely transforming the lives of Burundi's youth are ingrained in my heart. Freddy's vision will be remembered when I feel powerless to overcome obstacles. Freddy is the founder and leader of a large, growing organization in Burundi. Burundi is a landlocked country bordered by Tanzania, The Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. It is a beautiful country that has experienced a succession of civil wars. As founder of Burundi Youth for Christ, Freddy has committed his life to meeting the vision of his organization. Burundi Youth for Christ's vision is, “to raise up a generation of godly leaders to transform our...

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Perseverance and Grit: A Relentless Pursuit for Success

"Perseverance is the real test of leadership ability. It is one thing to set a goal or an objective for a group of people; it is quite another to persevere toward it and inspire others so that they are motivated to follow us." (Cyril J. Barber in Nehemiah An Expositional Commentary, 1991). If I had to narrow the choices down to one specific leadership quality that my Kurumbuka colleagues consistently activate it would be perseverance. Determination and grit describe their relentless pursuit of achieving transformation for their organizations and communities. I began to understand their dedication and even stubbornness of action when many shared their testimonies of overcoming obstacles during their leadership journeys. What struck me was...

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Biryoha Bisangiwe! It Is Sweeter When Shared

Phocas Ngendahayo writes today's guest post on Leadership is Heart. Phocas currently serves as the Rwanda Country Director for Kurumbuka Leadership Solutions, which was created in response to a felt need, to walk alongside a new generation of leaders as they fulfill God-given visions to transform their families, institutions, communities, and nations. Seven years ago, Phocas and I met in the Land of a Thousand Hills, where I began my service with the Wellspring Foundation for Education in Rwanda. Phocas was operations director for Wellspring, and from the time I met Phocas, I knew I had met a leader full of integrity with similar a similar passion for raising other leaders through collaboration and...

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Claudio’s book is gracefully penned and candidly written. It demonstrates Claudio’s response to God’s call through his service with the Wellspring Foundation for Education. Claudio has contributed to God’s restorative work in Rwanda using his knowledge, skills, and experience. Claudio realized that in giving he received back, in filling others, he also was filled, in transforming leaders, his leadership also changed. This book is captivating, inspiring, and resourceful.

Phocas Ngendahayo

Country Director - Rwanda, Kurumbuka Leadership Solutions