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Leave a Legacy as a Family Leader. Don’t Mess This Responsibility Up.

My last post, Do You Really Know If You Are Impacting, Influencing and Leading Successfully, described the process I have taken to impact, influence and lead at work. I focussed on how I implemented these steps when I moved into a new role as Superintendent of Schools. This was a... Read More

Do You Really Know If You Are Impacting, Influencing and Leading Successfully?

As a leader I am convicted about positively impacting and influencing others. But, how do you really know if you are impacting, influencing and leading successfully? I am not sure if I can give the perfect answer to this question. However, I would encourage you to figure this out and... Read More

Six Steps to Successfully Lead With Heart

Want to Lead with Heart? Self explore to identify & define your why, your purpose, your mission. When you encounter or observe a need, a burden or issue, map a plan to meet what you see needs to be done.  Pray & ask God to lead you. Put your plan... Read More

It is Your Responsibility as a Leader to Listen and Act

Receiving good news. No problem. Receiving not so good news or even terrible news. Definitely more challenging to listen and act. Most of us accept good news with a willing heart. Yet, more of us need to listen and accept the bad news. All news whether good, bad or indifferent... Read More

Prune, Trim & Cut 3 Ways to Regenerate a Leadership Journey

I have been reflecting on my leadership walk for a while now and I feel summoned to regenerate. So I have embarked on a trek using three ways to regenerate my leadership journey. Pruning, trimming and cutting. Just like I have been doing for many years with my most distinctive... Read More
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