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I Am Making It My Mission To Empower Elders To Mentor

My last post emphasized that, “mature societies were meant to be led by elders, seniors, saints, and “the initiated”. They alone are in a position to be true leaders in a society, or certainly in any spiritual organization. Without them, the blind lead the blind.” [i] How do we prevent the... Read More

Elders You Are Desperately Needed As Mentors

As I rapidly approach the age of 65, the “senior citizen” years, I was confronted by an enlightening discovery. In his book Falling Upward, Richard Rohr provides an illuminating distinction between someone who is elderly and an individual who is known as and respected as an elder.[1] Rohr’s describes elders,... Read More

Leaders Don’t Be Fooled. To Be A Master Leader You Need To Be A Continuous Master Learner.

In many cases a master craftsperson has moved through a definitive and structured process in order to master a craft. Usually, a master craftsperson started out being an apprentice to someone who is deemed a master craftsperson. An apprentice serves for a number of years, and during this time an... Read More

Let the Rain Pour Down to Renew Refresh Revitalize

This morning I woke up to the resounding sound of torrential rain pounding on the tin roof of the Wellspring Foundation for Education apartment. It seems as though each time I am in Kigali Rwanda there is at least one storm where the rain pours down to renew refresh and revitalize. ... Read More

Requesting Assistance and Support

My thanks and appreciation to the Lead Change Group for publishing this post on July 10, 2018. An Indispensable Leadership Strength Anxiety reared as I contemplated the crossing of a lengthy suspension bridge. This crossing, for many, may just be a mundane experience. Yet for someone who has always experienced an overwhelming... Read More

Knowledge Is Not Enough, Wisdom Is Everything

I am in my head a lot. I spend a lot of time reading, reflecting and writing. I pride myself in gaining knowledge and see myself as a life long learner. Currently, I am truly being humbled though as I learn that knowledge is not enough, wisdom is everything. The... Read More

You Can RIGHT Your Life When You Hear Devastating News

Shock, disbelief, betrayal, and anger. These are some of the emotions I experienced as a result of the phone call informing me, “Not this time perhaps next time. We have decided to go with someone else.” At that time I was distressed and shocked. I eventually found out though, that you... Read More

Servant Heart Leaders Are Never Done

My mentor Don and I had a great discussion recently. The question we discussed was, “Do you still feel valued and affirmed for what you are currently doing?”  I value his opinions and I wanted to gain his perspective on this question, as it is something that I have pondered.... Read More

One Sure Way To Help Gain Followers

Do you want to know one sure way to help gain followers?   Focus on we not me. Care about the needs of others rather than your own. Consistently demonstrate selflessness over selfishness. Infuse your leadership with humility, care and love. Actively demonstrate selfless service to others. Serve willingly.  ... Read More

Follow the Leader Can Be a Fun Game. But Only When the Leader You Follow Builds Trust

Follow the leader can be a delightful game. As a child I can remember playing it. As kids most of us saw it as a game where we could do goofy and humorous actions. Whether you were the leader or the follower the game was uplifting. Most of the time... Read More
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