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Are You a Leader Who Loves to Lead?

Leaders, what is your passion? What do you love about your leadership? Do you love the people that you are leading? You may be wondering why I used the words leaders, leadership and love? It may sound weird to you or even paradoxical to associate the word love with leadership.... Read More

How a New Book Launch Morphed Into the Launch of a New Day

Launch week has arrived for my new book Learning and Leading in the Land of a Thousand Hills. As the book launches, I also have to confess that a new day has arrived for me. On Sunday, Pastor Tim delivered a profound and impactful message. He passionately expressed his wish... Read More

Kwibuka 25: Remembering the Genocide

Twenty-five years ago on April 7th Rwanda suffered a horrible tragedy when an estimated 800,000 people died as a result of the Rwandan Genocide. Each year the people of Rwanda mourn the loss and remember. This post written five years ago shares my thoughts and feelings after my first visit... Read More

Leaders Don’t Be Fooled. To Be A Master Leader You Need To Be A Continuous Master Learner.

In many cases a master craftsperson has moved through a definitive and structured process in order to master a craft. Usually, a master craftsperson started out being an apprentice to someone who is deemed a master craftsperson. An apprentice serves for a number of years, and during this time an... Read More

Requesting Assistance and Support

My thanks and appreciation to the Lead Change Group for publishing this post on July 10, 2018. An Indispensable Leadership Strength Anxiety reared as I contemplated the crossing of a lengthy suspension bridge. This crossing, for many, may just be a mundane experience. Yet for someone who has always experienced an overwhelming... Read More

Knowledge Is Not Enough, Wisdom Is Everything

I am in my head a lot. I spend a lot of time reading, reflecting and writing. I pride myself in gaining knowledge and see myself as a life long learner. Currently, I am truly being humbled though as I learn that knowledge is not enough, wisdom is everything. The... Read More

A Strong Foundation Is Necessary For Leadership Growth

A plant needs time to take root. Roots have to firmly take hold before the plant can bloom and flourish. Your leadership journey is the same. You cannot rush a plant so do not try to rush your leadership quest. Let your leadership be anchored in a solid foundation firmly... Read More

You Can RIGHT Your Life When You Hear Devastating News

Shock, disbelief, betrayal, and anger. These are some of the emotions I experienced as a result of the phone call informing me, “Not this time perhaps next time. We have decided to go with someone else.” At that time I was distressed and shocked. I eventually found out though, that you... Read More

The Unintended Outcomes of Being the King of the Mountain

As a child did you ever play the game King of the Mountain? For those of you who never played the objective is to be the first person to get to the top of a hill and then stay there. The game can get very competitive and nasty as the... Read More

Follow the Leader Can Be a Fun Game. But Only When the Leader You Follow Builds Trust

Follow the leader can be a delightful game. As a child I can remember playing it. As kids most of us saw it as a game where we could do goofy and humorous actions. Whether you were the leader or the follower the game was uplifting. Most of the time... Read More
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