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Kwibuka Remember-Unite-Renew

April 7th of each year Kwibuka Remember-Unite-Renew is Rwanda’s call to never forget the tragic death and circumstances of the  Genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi in 1994. Each year Rwanda mourns the death of over eight hundred thousand people during a 100 day period from April 7, 1994. I am... Read More

Are You Missing Out?

It has now been a month since Learning and Leading in the Land of a Thousand Hills has been released and I am humbled by the response the book has been received from people who have contacted me. Not that there has been hundreds of sales because there has not.... Read More

Learning and Leading in the Land of a Thousand Hills is Finally Here

When God sent two life-long friends to deliver an unanticipated message close to seven years ago, a new-found door of transformation and joy opened up for me. I thought I had figured out my retirement plans following a fulfilling career as an educational leader, but God was orchestrating something else.... Read More

A Smooth Change Initiative Never Made a Skilled Leader

When you are looking at introducing and implementing a new change initiative you usually encounter three distinct groups. There will be a group who will totally embrace the initiative and support it. These are your champions. The second group, and one that constitutes the largest number, are the fence sitters.... Read More
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