It has now been a month since Learning and Leading in the Land of a Thousand Hills has been released and I am humbled by the response the book has been received from people who have contacted me. Not that there has been hundreds of sales because there has not. What has been so affirming are the comments that have been shared with me.

The one comment that stands out was made by a friend who shared that he particularly enjoyed the Afterword – An Exhortation to the Elderly: Keep Breathing Life into Your Dry Bones. This individual referenced, “it is not too late no matter what your age or whether you think you are able to offer something of value. It is not about having the right qualifications;  it is about your willingness to serve and to be able to help. It’s really about preparing and then offering your heart. All of us have value, and all of us have abilities that can contribute and influence.”  He is going to share this message with those in his life who need a gentle nudge to step out of their comfort zones.

And that is precisely one of the main reasons I wrote the book. My friend nailed it.

Many, regardless of age, are missing out. They are choosing to neglect Peter’s advice  in 1 Peter 5:1-2, “I exhort the elders among you to tend the flock of God, that is in your charge, exercising the oversight, not under compulsion but willingly.”

Tending the “flock of God” is all of our responsibility. And many are failing to live out this critical responsibility. I listened and felt a call to take responsibility to tend the flock in Rwanda. The benefits have been so rewarding. Listen to your call and take it up, because God will call you when you least expect it.

In celebration of one month of the release of my book I don’t want you to miss out.

So, check out Learning and Leading in the Land of a Thousand Hills. And if you want to get a taste of the book to help you make up your mind whether to purchase the book or not, you can subscribe  to The Fireside Newsletter to receive the first couple of chapters as well as the Afterword referenced above. When you subscribe here I will send you a free book excerpt.

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