After spending five days of vacation with our family I returned home with a feeling of gratefulness for being immersed 24/7 with our three sons, daughter in laws, and two toddler grandsons.

This protracted time of togetherness had its moments. Most family vacations do. Especially when you introduce two toddlers both approaching two years old and both on their own particular schedule and needs. And when you have so many unique adults together in one home, some extroverts and many introverts, challenges can arise.

What I saw happen though that all of us (at least the adults) seemed to put aside their personal routines and rituals. We adapted and we made it work.

Grace and love for each other seemed to be the primary focus and all sacrificed their own needs for the needs of others.

Not once did I feel, and upon reflection, did I see or feel as though we wanted the vacation to end. In fact, it ended too soon.

I am grateful for a variety of reasons.

The look of pure joy, uncompromising love and the servant’s heart my wife Anne displays for her family.

My heart-filled pleasure of hearing my two grandsons run to me, hug me and call me “Poppa”. 

Experiencing two of my sons, now fathers, being such wonderful loving and caring dads.

Seeing my other son growing as a husband before my eyes so much in love and so gentle and caring with his wife.

Three daughter-in-laws, young women of God, with beautiful and loving spirits.

And two healthy and energetic grandsons displaying such a zest for life.

We are grateful and thankful to our God for the many blessings He has bestowed upon Anne and I. He has blessed us by being healthy enough to be able to spend joyful time with our family. He has provided us with the resources to enjoy the many gifts He has given. Above all He has blessed us with a family of committed followers of Jesus dedicating themselves to walking in His footsteps and being His servants.

Bring on the next family vacation.

Just a hint though …. make sure you have access to the internet as Paw Patrol can come in handy when the toddlers (parents? grandparents?) need a break!


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