Is it possible to create an organizational culture where all leaders are successfully bonded around a series of common principles? An organization where all the leaders are united as one. An organization where all leaders can withstand and overcome pride and fear when personal egos confront one another. An organization where all leaders put aside their own ambition and serve collaboratively. An organization of servant leaders.

Organizations have servant leaders that individually display these characteristics. And many servant leaders are successful because they significantly impact and influence people by putting the needs of others over their own needs. Servant leaders also promote the building of positive relationships; they generate trust, they care and they support. And successful organizations demonstrate these characteristics.

I am not sure if there are organizations that ensure that all of their people are servant leaders. I therefore wonder what would be the results if all the leaders in the organization purposefully and initially activated these characteristics and made serving others as its first priority? Sounds radical.

My hunch would be that these organizations would prove to be successful. And I believe that this is something organizations should strive for.

If you choose to create such an organization here are 10 questions that would radically change your organizational culture:

  1. Do all the leaders model humility in all interactions?
  2. Are all the leaders willing to be vulnerable and to share their vulnerabilities?
  3. Are all leaders prepared to serve and not expect to be served?
  4. Do all members demonstrate a strong sense of purposeand commitment to being a servant leaderin a servant organization?
  5. Does the organization have a strong foundation built on mutual trust and where all members demonstrate integrity?
  6. Do all members of the organization demonstrate persistence and a willingness to serve selflessly?
  7. Are standards of excellence defined, communicated and upheld by all?
  8. Do each of the members willingly and actively support one another especially during difficult times?
  9. Does the organization withstand strong challenges from detractors and blockers?
  10. Do all members put their egos aside and seek collaborative solutions to problems that arise?

Sound idealistic? Yes. Possible. Yes, but with a lot of intense exertion, diligence and commitment. Undoubtedly, there will probably be many detractors who do not see this is a task worth pursuing.

But if you are serious about creating an organization that prides itself on serving others, let these questions spark reflection, discussion and action so that the heads, hearts and hands of leaders can come together to form more servant organizations.

Let these 10 questions radically change your organizational cultures so that servant organizations are typical and not radical.

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