This post is an opinion piece. It strays a bit from the focus of my writing on Leadership is Heart as I don’t usually comment on or share my political views on this blog. Yet, I am a passionate observer and believer in leaders who demonstrate respect, decency, kindness and...
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Are You Missing Out?

It has now been a month since Learning and Leading in the Land of a Thousand Hills has been released and I am humbled by the response the book has been received from people who have contacted me. Not that there has been hundreds of sales because there has not.... Read More

How a New Book Launch Morphed Into the Launch of a New Day

Launch week has arrived for my new book Learning and Leading in the Land of a Thousand Hills. As the book launches, I also have to confess that a new day has arrived for me. On Sunday, Pastor Tim delivered a profound and impactful message. He passionately expressed his wish... Read More

Learning and Leading in the Land of a Thousand Hills is Finally Here

When God sent two life-long friends to deliver an unanticipated message close to seven years ago, a new-found door of transformation and joy opened up for me. I thought I had figured out my retirement plans following a fulfilling career as an educational leader, but God was orchestrating something else.... Read More

Kwibuka 25: Remembering the Genocide

Twenty-five years ago on April 7th Rwanda suffered a horrible tragedy when an estimated 800,000 people died as a result of the Rwandan Genocide. Each year the people of Rwanda mourn the loss and remember. This post written five years ago shares my thoughts and feelings after my first visit... Read More

I Am Making It My Mission To Empower Elders To Mentor

My last post emphasized that, “mature societies were meant to be led by elders, seniors, saints, and “the initiated”. They alone are in a position to be true leaders in a society, or certainly in any spiritual organization. Without them, the blind lead the blind.” [i] How do we prevent the... Read More

Elders You Are Desperately Needed As Mentors

As I rapidly approach the age of 65, the “senior citizen” years, I was confronted by an enlightening discovery. In his book Falling Upward, Richard Rohr provides an illuminating distinction between someone who is elderly and an individual who is known as and respected as an elder.[1] Rohr’s describes elders,... Read More
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